Wednesday, 23 November 2016


She was plain. Thin. Fragile. Not the one who would turn heads wherever she went. Not the one who would attract a second glance automatically. Not the one who would inspire calls from every passerby.

“But I do not think of you that way.”

She was sad for him. He said nothing. He couldn’t look at her face. It was more than he could take. He kept walking with her by his side.

“I understand.”

She looked at him. He turned his head to the trolley passing.

“You can get anyone. Someone who would love you. Who are we kidding? You can do a lot better than me.”

She chuckled softly, glancing away.

“Now, C’mon! Do you want me to set you up with someone? I know some of them who were talking about you yesterday. I know they’d be interested. Tell me who do you like.”

He kept walking. He refused to look at her. He knew all the things that she said were true.

But I don’t want to!

He smiled.

“Who was it you said?”

She smiled gaily.

“Now we’re talking! So there’s Priyanka. She is definitely interested. Then there is my roomie, Rachna. She has a thing for you. But I think you’ll like Priyanka more. Let me send you her number.”

He looked at the plain innocence of her face. The childlike smile.

Why can’t you give me just one reason. That’s what I’m asking for! One! To hate you. To hate you forever!


“I’m so excited for you guys. Oh shit! I forgot how late it was. I will have to go now, catch up on my assignments. I have loads to do before I finally hit the bed. Tata!”

She leaned towards him, kissing him on his cheek.

He kept walking.

He felt her trailing back, trying to look for an auto. It’d be difficult to find one at this hour, he knew. He should have dropped her, he knew. She wouldn’t ask him, he knew.

He kept walking.

The lights around him slowly disappeared.

He kept walking.

The ground turned from cement to sand. To water.

He kept walking.

He heard faint cries behind him. No one would dare try at this hour, he knew.

He kept walking.