Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happiness to sadness... or reverse?? o.O

"Bola tha maine?? ki apna mobile apni jeb main rakha karo... samajh to aata nahi hai, sunna hota nahi hai, ab to main tumhe 1100 hi dilwaungi..."

"Didi ab to wo aane band ho gaye hain..."

"koi nahi main to wahi dilwaungi... 2nd 3rd hand, jo mile..."

"Suno to..."

"Mujhe kuch nahi sunna."

Hmm... now you must be wondering whats going on... let me answer, I lost my phone. Not a big deal!! is it?? probably not, par galti ki hai to ghar waalon ki daant to khani hi padegi... jel ka paani to peena hi padega... poshampa bhai poshampa!!

And here is my sister scolding me...

Now I was wondering ki gaya to gaya kahaan...

Summer vacations, function at home, home flooded with relatives, khushiyon ka mahaul... and I lost my phone. Was about to leave to drop didi to airport when I couldn't find my phone, searched the whole house as fast as I could but nothing... the devil was definitely ringing but I dunno where. Well I had to leave fast and so I did, leaving the whole search and rescue operation in the hands of my worried mother and my cousins... I could see what was forthcoming...

"Arre kuch nahi hota didi..."

"Kya kuch nahi hota?? kitna mehenga phone tha..."

Chalo achchaa hai gum gaya, anyways the devil was troubling me, now I'll get a new one... I was excited, keh hi to rahi hai kaunsa wo mujhe 1100 dilwayegi ;)

After a while, when the scolding subsided, I breathed a sigh of relief only to find out my sister's mobile ringing, a call from home, asking where the mobile was seen last and if I could remember where I'd left it, I told them the possible room. Actually I had no idea. I could picturise in my mind what would be going on in the house.. and with the phone call, didi's temporary "temper" returned with a blast! well.. I tuned out of it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Around  9 pm, when I was sitting in the garden in front of my house with my leftover cousins, I expressed my excitement over the lost phone, actually over the likely arrival of my new phone, and they told me how the search operation went, they were all around the house, ringing the mobile mercilessly wherever it was, searching through dark cupboards only to find some old forgotten mobiles... the thought that one among them could become my future mobile, gave me a chill... hey bhagwaan ghar waalon ko samjhana... Still I was sure... more kinda hoped.. that I'd be bought a new mobile... helped my spirits get high... a flicker of happiness spread onto my face...

"Tarang bhaiya.. dekhna aapka mobile mil jayega... aap sapne dekhna chod do..." my small cousin sis teased me, poking her large tongue out of her little mouth.. I frowned at her immediately but couldn't stop a quick smile.

While gossiping late night with them I slowly felt asleep, fantasizing about my new mobile in my sleep, aisa hoga, waisa hoga... I could see me choosing between htc one... galaxy s3... lumia... loosing a mobile is not bad at all...

The day after, we had plans.. really nice ones... we were gonna go to a movie show, then to the gaming zone, bowling, horse riding (a plastic one :P) and probably eat at the mall. I was happy... I'd go to reliance digital... yes I would...

* * * * * * * * * *

"wow! not bad.." I said halfway through the movie. Out of the hall, retreating to the restroom. I hastily checked on the spare phone handed to me before leaving home just in case and BOOM!!!

"What the f***".. I had it here... here in my damn pocket for god's sake.. man!! loosing two mobiles in the span of less then two days... I truly was messed up...

I had checked on it during the movie... yes I had.. shit!! I ran towards the screen number.. what was it... I scratched my head... 5.. yes 5... its gotta be there, on my seat.. the world was spinning... god help me!!

I was running towards the screen, all I could see was the gate to the hall...  let it be there!! and BUMP!!! I bumped head first into a bulky lady at the corner...

"watchaaaoouuutt!!", screamed the lady in agony..

"sorry sorry sorry aunty!!" I yelled... I had no time to stop and apologize.. had to reach in time..

The gate was coming closer.. Just in in in.. I thought and BANG!!!

Yeah!! that had to happen... seriously man.. apparently someone closed the door right on my nose..

Why does everything.. f***in everything bad has to happen to me today!!
I regained my balance in a while and slowly ascended the hall's stairs.. I'm not running now.. whatever the hell happens.. I thought.

Decently sitting on my seat was the devil as though mocking me... I smiled and rubbed my disoriented nose... "You gotta be kidding me!!Thank god!" I said... Maybe the day was not too bad..

I picked it up, checked on the missed calls... yes there were 3... all from my mother's number...
I'll call back once the movie finishes.. I thought...

* * * * * * * * * *

Coming out of the hall, happily chatting about the movie, I remembered about the missed calls, yeah I have to call now, I thought and so I did...

"Hello.." the fruitier version of my mother's voice came from the other end..

"Haan mummy aapne phone kiya tha??"

"Haan beta, tumhara phone mil gaya.." she was definitely happy...

"Kya... matlab wow!! achchaa hua.. ek minute.. kaise.." I could see my cousins staring at me quizzically.. I remembered the face of the lil cousin sis from previous night... kya yaar!!

"Arre wo tum kisi room main bhool gaye hoge.. tumhare baba ne apna luggage pack karte samay galti se daal liya..."

"Achchaa... to wo kahaan hai abhi??" I dint know what to say... maybe I was happy.. maybe not..

"Gwalior main.. koi aayega to leta aayega.. achchaa movie kaisi thi??"..

After the phone call ended I told everyone... I could see the "I knew it" and "Hehehe bechara.." kind of faces on them... never mind!! every dog has its day...

I was sad.. The feel of having to hold the oldie was not good at the moment... I saw the entrance of reliance digital a floor above and a poster of htc one-X besides it... ah! pain!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Anyways, I tried to see the better part of it.. or I should say I tried to console myself... atleast my personal data was safe... I had removed the phone lock at home... everything was so exposed... all passwords "saved" on the mobile..

I remembered the times when we were together.. the unfailing companionship it had provided me in lonely times or in lonely places of course except for the times it had no battery!!
It had been my music player, net dongle, pocket dictionary or I should say encyclopedia, a gaming station and what not... Maybe its coming back was not so bad after all...

* * * * * * * * * *

Twelve days have passed, the small buddy is likely to arrive tomorrow... whatever I say... I missed it... possibly because I dint have any other phone on me or being with it for a year comes into account, I dont know... All I know is that I'll have a phone again tomorrow... whatever the hell it may be...